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Brunei rebrand v4-02.png

In this project, I redesigned a country identity for Brunei, a small and mysterious country in southeast Asia. Before I got started, I researched about the culture in Brunei, and came up with the concept of connecting "yellow" to the culture of Brunei.    

In Brunei, yellow represents the Sultan of Brunei, which is the country’s most important essence and all the culture behind one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Yellow is a meaningful and spiritual color for Bruneian because they believe in Sultan who will lead Brunei to a better world. In the branding for Brunei, the color yellow will blend throughout the storyline and bring audiences into the culture of Brunei through the lens of yellow, the eye of Brunei.


Characteristic: Royal, Spiritual, Blessed

Brunei rebrand v4-04.png
Brunei rebrand v4-06.png
Brunei rebrand v4-05.png
Brunei rebrand v4-07.png
Brunei rebrand v4-09.png
Brunei rebrand v4-08.png
Poster Mockup for departments
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